Week 1 Results - Tournament of Champions
Round Country Club Filter
    T-1 3 Putt Chump
    T-1 3 Putter
    T-1 Al's Pal's
    T-1 Amazingly Randy
    T-1 Arnie's Army
    T-1 Augusta_268
    T-1 Balls Deep
    T-1 Beavers
    T-1 Birdie Refuge
    T-1 Bohner Jamz ‘03
    T-1 Boxliquors
    T-1 Brooks’ Bombers
    T-1 Bubba's Hovercraft
    T-1 Check The Cup
    T-1 Crystal Balls
    T-1 Different Strokes
    T-1 Dollabanks
    T-1 Dude,where's my par?
    T-1 El Flopshots
    T-1 El Jeffe
    T-1 FFSake
    T-1 Fore Play
    T-1 Fore-gasms
    T-1 HaveOuimet
    T-1 I Never Slice
    T-1 I nutted that thing
    T-1 I'd Hit That
    T-1 IDSO
    T-1 Illini
    T-1 JR's Jackwagons
    T-1 Jarvi
    T-1 Mashed potatoes
    T-1 Mojo
    T-1 My Gulbis Itches!
    T-1 Nod to the gods
    T-1 Noonan's Army
    T-1 Old Sugarbush
    T-1 On the Beach
    T-1 Polishrifle
    T-1 Punch Draw
    T-1 Rip Republic
    T-1 Saladintherough
    T-1 Shankapadomiss
    T-1 Sizzlinbunz
    T-1 Some serious gourmet $hit
    T-1 Team Zissou
    T-1 The Dirty Sanchez
    T-1 TideBeRollin
    T-1 Trigger
    T-1 Trump 2020
    T-1 Tueazy
    T-1 Two Way Miss